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  2. Carl Hartmann Temando

    About Carl Hartmann, CEO

    BBusMan(Marketing), BA(Psychology & International Relations)


    Carl is one of Australia’s leading eCommerce business minds, with connections reaching into the top 200 eCommerce business models in Australia. Carl is the founder and CEO of Temando and a leading advisor of business solutions in Australia. Carl is a natural leader, commercially astute and highly qualified. He has a background in consumer-goods retail (Dick Smith Electronics, JB HiFi) before working in a variety of key business development and commercialisation roles (News Corporation, Fairfax Digital).


    With Temando, Hartmann aims to use aggregation technology to overcome the issue of sending goods in eCommerce environments. He has extensive expertise in eCommerce, fulfilment & logistics, digital strategy and online dynamics.

  3. Carl Hartmann Temando

    About Cameron Deane, CTO

    Bachelor of Engineering with 1st Class Honours in Software Engineering


    Cameron’s background is in IT with organisations such as Boeing (requiring Australian Top Secret clearance) and Virgin Blue Airlines. He has also held various other roles including general technical, senior developer and team leader. His experience also includes involvement in business and safety critical systems, including developer for HFMOD (Boeing), BDCS (Virgin); and team leader for the new reservation system and website for Virgin.


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