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FAQs: Booking

This depends on your choice of transport carrier (and the price!), it can range anywhere from overnight to 5 or more business days.

If you need to change the pickup date of a consignment please contact Customer Support. Support will cancel and credit the booking. You can then proceed to rebook the item with the correct pickup date using the Temando credit.  


If the goods have been collected and you would like to change the receivers address, please contact support and they will make the necessary amendments for you. If your item has not been collected contact support and the booking will be cancelled and credited for you to rebook using the new delivery details and payment via Temando credit.


Your order is the responsibility of the transport carrier that you choose, and is carried by their terms and conditions. In addition, we are responsible for your order in terms of payment and booking, as detailed in our own terms and conditions. We highly recommend you take advantage of our optional Insurance, one of the many benefits of booking with Temando.


Click here, enter your request ID to see the status of your parcel. For the most up to date tracking you can also go directly to the carrier’s website.

You will not receive an email; however you can keep an eye on the delivery status via our Tracking Tool. 

Sometimes couriers are outside of the estimated delivery time. Firstly track your item via our tracking tool. If the scanning does not show any recent scans, you can contact the transport carrier by phone or submit an online enquiry via their website.  If they are unable to help you to a satisfactory level, contact us and we can help resolve this for you.


If your item hasn’t been picked up or there was an issue, firstly contact the transport carrier and quote the consignment note number. If they are unable to help you to satisfactory level, contact us and we can help resolve this for you.


Firstly make sure you have the latest version of your PDF reader. If this does not work, try using a different browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. If you still cannot download the consignment note, contact Customer Support, orders will not be collected without a consignment label attached.


It’s always a good idea to write the address on your order, however it’s important to also attach the consignment. The consignment note has a unique barcode that allows your item to be tracked and delivered. Items will not be picked up unless a consignment note is attached.


Just make sure you select ‘unattended pickup’ or ‘unattended delivery’ (also known as authority to leave) boxes when you are entering in the quote details. The courier will pick the item up from the front door. If unattended delivery is selected the item will be delivered to a safe spot. If no one is home when the courier attempted pickup, and you did not make prior arrangements for an unattended pickup, a futile fee will be applied.


If you selected insurance at the booking stage you can lodge an insurance claim here at our support page. If insurance was not selected we are happy to provide the necessary information needed for you to make a claim with your personal insurance.


A booking number is a unique identifier for your booking provided by Temando. Temando's booking numbers are always unique and a key piece of information when enquiring about your bookings. The booking number can be located on the consignment note, booking confirmation page and via your profile dashboard.


A consignment number, or "con-note" is a number provided to your booking by the carrier to distinguish it from other bookings. Consignment numbers are always unique when distributed by the carrier. This is the best number to quote if you need to contact the carrier directly.


The receipt number can be found at the bottom of any receipt printed by Temando. The receipt is found in your individual booking information in your profile panel, or at the end of any booking process for immediate download.


To measure an unpackaged, or irregular shape item, firstly begin by placing your item longest face down on the floor, in a stable position. Visualize the item being contained in a box, this is the amount of room that will be allocated to it in a courier's truck. Simply measure the "virtual" cube of the item. Please remember, that there must be not protrusion from the cube in any shape or form, or the carrier could potentially charge you an additional handling fee.


Your item may not be picked up for a number of reasons. 

•    Carriers generally complete their pickup runs between 12pm - 5pm. 
•    If you book after your local cut off time (varies depending on courier) or for metro areas after 2pm, the next available pickup time will be the following business day. 

If your item is still not collected the following day, contact the courier directly quoting your consignment number. If you're not satisfied with their response, please contact Temando's Support Team.

Our tracking information may have a delay updating. In most cases, Temando receives a routinely delivered file containing a list of items, and their tracking status. This routine for some carriers can be up to 24 hour cycle, however in most cases is under 2 hours from when it was transferred. We recommend you track via the carrier's website for the most up to date tracking information.


At the end of every booking process there is a link to download your consignment label along with various other documents including your receipt. If you have accidentally left the booking process, but wish to download your label, please return to your profile. You'll see an 'Options' column on your bookings grid where you can re-download your label at anytime. Your Booking Confirmation Email will also have your consignment label attached.


There are many reasons why quotes are not available for your booking. This may be that we simply do not support the zones you’re sending to and from, or there is no carrier registered in our system for the packaging type you are sending between them. Double check if the dimensions and weight you have entered are correct (are you sending something that is 100cm not 100m). If no quotes are available, please contact Temando Support. 


Heavy lift help is for large or heavy items that require assistance loading to and from the courier vehicle. If you can't pick it up, neither will the courier who comes to collect your item. Selecting heavy lift help the carrier will either provide a lifting mechanism or additional manual labour to assist in the loading of your goods onto the courier’s truck. Please note heavy lift help is a premium service.


Cubic Weight is calculated by Length x Width x Height (all in meters) x a Cubic Conversion Factor, specified by each carrier (generally between 200 - 400).


A Cubic Conversion Factor is a number which asseses the weight of the space your item takes up. This differs from carrier to carrier, as carriers will charge on whatever is the greater between deadweight and cubic weight. Some possible cubic conversion factors include 167, 200, 250, 333, 400 and 1000. While the chargeable weight will always be calculated accurately by the Temando system behind the scenes, the Approx. Cubic Weight displayed on the quote page will be based on the global average factor of 333, as at this point no carrier has been identified for your booking.


Yes, Star Track are currently enabled for PO box delivery, however this is a premium service.


If you booked the courier service as an Authority to Leave (ATL) the package will be left in a safe spot at the delivery address. If ATL was not selected at the time of booking the courier will leave a calling card. The receiver will need to contact the courier directly to reorganise delivery. Depending on the carrier you can also organise redelivery online via the couriers website.


No, insurance is not mandatory, however we highly recommend it. Further information on our insurance available can be found here


Yes! Our software is connected to a range of different couriers all over Australia who have access to rural, regional and city areas. Using the Temando software you have the ability to send anything, anywhere.


The weight must be the item plus packaging. Entering the correct weight is very important - the weight attributes to the calculation for quotes. If it is not entered correctly you will be quoted incorrectly and may be charged a fee for the difference (this may include an administration fee).


Yes. Some couriers support same day shipping. If you would like this option enabled on your eCommerce store, please contact one of our Solution Managers. If you are an individual sending a one off parcel sameday shipping option will display with an eta of ‘1 day’ if this service is supported in your area. Please note same day is only available in major metro areas.

When booking, you will be charged based on the weight and dimensions you enter. Temando is then charged by the courier for the actual weight and dimensions. If there is a discrepancy, the additional charges will be passed on as a ‘fee’ to your Temando Profile. There is also an administration charge - best to ensure the details you're entering are correct!

FAQs: Fees


Temando supports your right to engage in the fee dispute process if you feel that the carrier dimensions/reasons are incorrect, however requires your participation to provide evidence to support your reasoning for the dispute within 7 days of having received the fee notification. In order to commence the process, can you please email one or more of the following to support@temando.com 

  • Photographic evidence showing the true measurements of the item 
  • If you sent a satchel, please show photographic evidence of the item on a scale showing the dead weight
  • The manufacturer specification of the item, noting the weight & dimensions (including packaging)
  • A link to a website that shows the product/s being sent, noting the weight & dimensions
  • Internal or Supplier Invoice, noting the weight & dimensions

If Temando has not received any supporting evidence or correspondence from you to dispute the fee within 7 days of the fee notification (dispute period), the fee will be deemed payable. A request for fee reversal or dispute cannot be made outside the dispute period.

Ensure all details are entered correctly into the Temando quoting engine so that you are charged the correct amount for your transaction.

Additional freight charges may be invoiced for any number of differing reasons. These charges are calculated and charged by the carrier to Temando. When using the Temando system, you have access to Temando's competitive carrier rates. However, if there is a deemed weight discrepancy between actual and declared values the additional fee charges are calculated and based on the carriers’ freight pricing, not Temando’s. Temando is not responsible for payment of charges incurred as a result of incorrectly/under declared freight and subsequently will pass these onto you for payment. If you believe you have received this fee in error, please contact Temando Customer Support on Support@temando.com 

This fee is applied if a Next flight service has been booked and the delivery is to a remote location. If your package isn't urgent, send it overnight rather than on the next flight.

This will be applied if you have requested or made arrangements for out of hours delivery.

This fee has been applied as the courier had to physically hand unload a significant quantity of items. If you are sending a large amount of items, putting these items on a pallet may reduce the unload time and be a more cost effective option.

Dangerous goods freight needs to be handled and transported in a different way to normal freight. Unfortunately at this stage items that are classified DG's are not permitted to be booked through Temando.


This kind of fee is generally only applied if the time taken to load the consignment took a substantial amount of time. When selecting the "ready date" during the booking process, please ensure you select the day your item will be ready to be collected. Have your package/s labelled and ready to go by this date, and ensure you are available when the courier arrives to collect it.

If you have received this fee the carrier has advised that a redelivery attempt was required because no one was at the delivery address to receive the package.  During the booking process, if you would prefer to leave the goods unattended, then you must select this option, which is referred to as an "Authority to Leave” (ATL) service. When you select this option, you accept liability for the package when it is left unattended. The driver, will leave the package in a safe location however proof of delivery will be provided without the recipient’s signature and the delivery is deemed complete. 

A futile fee generally means that a driver attended the pickup location and the goods were not ready to be collected, no one was home or the premise was closed. When selecting the "ready date" during the booking process, please ensure you select the day your item will be ready to be collected. Have your package/s labelled and ready to go by this date, and ensure you are available when the courier arrives to collect it (unless you have selected unattended pickup in the booking process).

These fees are generated when there are discrepancies in data between what has been declared by you in your Temando booking and the information provided from the carrier when the goods are picked up. If the dimensions and weight for a parcel are under declared, the carrier issues a bill to Temando for the additional charges which are automatically passed through to you. Carrier rates are calculated using the following formula: LxWxH (m) x cubic conversion factor. The cubic conversion factor is set by the carrier and varies from carrier to carrier. The chargeable cost of the freight is determined by the cubic weight versus the dead weight, and whichever is greater. As explained above, fees are generated when there are any measured discrepancies between what has been booked and what the carrier physically measures.

FAQs: Insurance

At the time of booking, if you have elected to purchase QBE “Parcel Protect” Insurance for your consignment, then you are eligible to lodge a claim for goods that have been lost or damaged in transit. As soon as an event occurs that may give rise to a claim, you must complete the online claims notification by visiting the Temando 'contact us' page and selecting “Insurance Claim” from the drop down menu. You will be required to complete details of the loss and include attachments, including: a description of goods and type of damage, value of the shipment, location of the goods, contact name and phone number. Once you have submitted your claim, this information is automatically forwarded to assistance@apariholdings.com.au.  Please note: Temando is not the insurer – we collect money (premiums) on behalf of customers (the ‘insured’) when you elect to take out insurance and pass these premiums onto the Insurer (QBE) via our broker (Access Underwriting) who hold the necessary AFSL license to do so. We have been granted a distributorship by Access to offer the Parcel-Protect policy to our customers through our platform. Temando is not responsible for processing claims and has no involvement in relation to any decision relating to payouts regarding your claim. Insurance claims are handled directly by QBE. If you have any questions relating to your claim once it has been lodged, contact can be made by phoning 1300 563 099. Please allow at least 2 business days for a consultant to contact you regarding your claim.

A Temando profile (Client ID) is what you use your username and password for. Your profile holds all your bookings, account information, inventory etc. When you are logged into your profile you can produce quotes and make bookings. Your Temando account is similar to a trading account. To apply for a trading account you can contact our accounts team at accounts@temando.com to obtain a credit application.


Yes, simply log into your Temando profile and select 'Legacy Search', this will take you back to Temando 1.0. Select 'request' from the search section at the bottom of the page, enter in the parameters of what dates you would like to see your bookings, select 'generate CSV' and submit. This will produce an excel spreadsheet that you can save on your computer. This excel spreadsheet has all the details of your bookings.


You can purchase Temando credit by direct debit or credit card top up. This credit is valid for up to 12 months from the date of issue. Any unused credit will expired after 12 months.


All our quotes are generated in real time and are based on the dimensions and data values declared by you. The quote you are provided is the most accurate market price.


Please refer to Temando’s Refund and Cancellation Policy for full terms and conditions. Generally, if you have requested a booking cancellation that is not within 24 hours of a scheduled collection and prior to an attempt for collection, we will refund your money. Alternatively, Temando credit will be issued for a cancellation. Temando credit is valid for 12 months from the date of issue. Refunds are not provided for any unused portions of Temando credit.


Log into your Temando profile, from the booking history select the job you would like the receipt for. Simply click on the receipt to download.


Once we have received your payment, you will receive written confirmation and a tax invoice via email, with the details of your booking for your records.


Once you've completed the details of your booking and obtained a quote, you can pay for it straight away with one of our accepted payment methods, or save it to pay for it later where the quote remains valid for 14 days. The courier will not be booked until payment has been made. 

After reviewing the quotes for various types of services and carriers, you simply need to select which service you would like to proceed with, decide whether you would like to take out insurance on your booking, login and complete the payment section.


Once you have completed the origin and destination fields, dimensions and other required information of the online quoting tool, in most cases, you'll get a price in a matter of seconds for an array of carriers! If you are sending something internationally, or perhaps to a rural location, the carriers will need to have a look at what you are sending in order to accurately price your request. Our Customer Support Team will try and assist in returning a quote to you within 24 hours.


Temando credit is valid as a payment method in the drop down box when you get to the payment section in the online booking process. When you select 'Temando Credit' from the drop down menu, you will receive a 2% discount on your booking! Temando credit may also be used to pay for fee's. Temando Credit is valid for 12 months from the date of issue. Any unused amounts will expire and will not be refunded.


Temando uses encrypted SSL technology to ensure your details are secure, and is verified by a digital certificate. Temando is a legally incorporated company and will provide you with written confirmation (via email) with every transaction.


Temando supports multiple forms of payment from credit cards, direct debit, PayPal or Temando credit. We accept all major credit cards, including AMEX. Please note: a 2% credit card surcharge applies with this method of payment.
Temando Credit can be purchased and used as a payment method for bookings or fees. Purchasing Temando credit is easy, simply visit the ‘My Details’ page (after logging in) or pay by a direct debit transfer of money into Temando's bank account (Temando Pty Ltd, BSB: 062014, Account Number: 10450013). There is also the convenience of a Temando credit auto top-up facility that allows funds to be automatically charged against a specified credit/debit card when your Temando credit runs low. You can set any amount to be ‘topped up’ (minimum of $200.00). This transaction does incur the 2% credit card fee but this is offset by the 2% discount offered for Temando Credit purchases.


Once our in-house Magento developer installs the Temando plugin on your Magento store you benefit from a range of features such as multi origin, rules, dynamic pricing. The Temando plugin communicates with the Temando system which provides quotes and books couriers as the system offers when going directly.

To uninstall Temando from your Magento store please contact support.

You can add packaging dimensions to your products by going to your tool bar and clicking 'Catalog' - 'Manage Products', select edit on the particular product you would like to add packaging details to. In the left had column select 'Temando', here you can enter specific packaging details for the item. Please note if you have both configurable and simple products the packaging details are taken from the configurable products in Magento. If the configurable product does now have dimensions it will look to the 'simple product'.

The sandbox is a test environment. To use, configure your Temando settings with username: temandotest and password: password. Remember to turn off the sandbox and input your own credentials when you're ready to go live.

This occurs when the warehouse was saved to the client’s test credentials. Now that they have input their true credentials they will need to resave the warehouse. Simply click 'save'.

Go to: 'System' - 'Configuration' - 'Shipping Settings'. Ensure all details are identical to those in your Temando profile. You also need to add these details under 'System' - 'Configuration' - 'Temando' settings section. As well as the Magento backend, you are required to set the origin in your Temando profile. Click here to visit our Magento page which contains helpful user guides and videos.

In the Magento backend, go to 'System' - 'Configuration' - 'Shipping Methods' - 'Temando'. To select the carriers hold down control and click the carriers you wish to use. You will also need to confirm with Temando that these carriers are turned on in your Temando profile. 

Go to 'System' - 'Configuration' - 'Shipping Methods' - 'Temando'- ship to applicable countries. It is recommended you select all countries as a default. 

Go to 'System' - 'Configuration' - 'Temando Settings', from the drop down menu select yes or no.

Go to 'System' - 'Configuration' - 'Temando Settings' - 'Insurance'. Here you can set insurance to either mandatory, optional or disabled. Read more on the Temando insurance policy here.

Go to 'System' - 'Configuration' - 'Temando Settings' - 'Carbon Offsetting'. Select Disable or Optional from the drop down menu.

In your Magento backend go to 'System' - 'Configuration' - 'Shipping Methods' - 'Temando', scroll down to the section and edit 'title'.

A 'Configurable Product' is the lead product, 'Simple Products' are what you would consider categories of that product. For example a T-shirt would be the configurable product. The T-shirt colour red, blue, yellow will be the simple product.

Yes, go to 'System' - 'Configuration' - 'Temando Settings', from the drop down menu select 'yes' or 'no' from the drop down 'Show Transit Type and Time' menu.

You can have the shipping calculator at both product and checkout level. To turn on at the product level go to 'System' - 'Configuration' - 'Shipping Methods' - 'Temando Settings' select 'Yes' or 'No' from the drop down 'Show Estimate Shipping on Product Page'.

No, Temando allows you to print in either thermal or A4 format. To select which format you would like to print in go to 'System' - 'Configuration' - 'Shipping Methods' - 'Temando Settings'. From the 'Label Type' drop down menu select either 'Thermal' (requires a thermal printer) or 'Plain Paper' (any normal printer).

Yes, to set up manifesting you need to follow the following procedure: 1. You need a permanent pickup scheduled with the courier you wish to manifest. To set up a P/P contact your sales rep or the Temando support team. 2. The default origin saved in your Temando Profile address book. 3. Manifesting turned on in your Temando profile - please contact your Temando rep or support to do this

Confirm that you have booked the shipment in the section 'Manage Shipments'. If it is booked and does not appear on the manifest please contact our Support Team.

Yes. You can add a handling fee/mark up by going to the Temando settings ('System' - 'Configuration' - 'Temando Settings') in the Magento backend. You can mark up the cost of shipping by a fixed amount or percentage.

Yes, select 'Temando' - 'Manage shipments' - 'view' on the particular item you wish to edit the receiver details. In the destination column you can change the details. Ensure you select 'save and get quotes' to update the quoted prices.

You can default the unit of measurement in Temando settings ('System' - 'Configuration' - 'Temando Settings'). Here you can default both weight and dimensions. If you have not provided the weight and dimensions for each individual product it will default to the entered details in the Temando settings. 

Yes, select 'Temando' - 'Manage shipments' - 'view' on the particular item you wish to edit the packaging details. In the 'Boxes to Ship' section you can edit the packaging type, dimensions, weight, quantity and volume. You will need to select 'save and get quotes' at the top of the page to update the quote and select a courier.

On the top Magento toolbar there is a tab for 'Temando'. From here, you can manage your shipments and manifests.

This is due to a decreased speed at which the APIs are loading data. If the error occurs repeatedly contact IT Support. This could be an issue on either Temando’s end, or the client’s end.

Manifesting allows for all your consignment labels for that day to be printed at once. Please note that to manifest you must have a permanent pickup with the particular carrier you wish to manifest and manifesting turned on from the Temando system. To turn manifesting on speak to your account manager or contact Temando support.

There is another product listed with the same description. You'll need to make the description unique to continue.

In this case, the user (login) trying to edit the booking does not have permission to edit bookings assigned to that particular warehouse. You will need to enable the user in the warehouse section (Temando / Locations / Manage Warehouses / select warehouse / Related Users)

Yes, select 'Temando' - 'Manage shipments' - 'view' on the particular item you wish to change the details on under the 'select date' section you can specify the ready date for that order.

Yes, however it is best practice to manifest once per day, per location.

Yes, select 'Temando' - 'Manage shipments' - 'view' on the particular item you wish to edit the receiver details. In the destination column you can change the details. Ensure you select 'save and get quotes' to update the quoted prices.

The warehouse name must match EXACTLY to the name of the warehouse advised on your Australia Post Client Set 
Up form. 

Review the weight field with the product attributes and ensure there is a value greater than 1cm listed.

This occurs when the country, postcode, suburb combination does not match Temando's database. Review the country, postcode and suburb to ensure they are valid. 

Review the length field with the product attributes and ensure there is a value greater than 1cm listed.

If you have selected the quote from the getQuoteByRequest call it is possible that the quote is no longer available. If not, please check that the details of the booking quote match EXACTLY (i.e. case-sensitive) with those of the corresponding available quote selected.

Review the height field within the product attributes and ensure there is a value greater than 1cm listed.


          1 | No quotes could be returned, or
          2 | The conditions / attributes of the customer (and their shopping cart) do not match any active rules in the Rules Engine. 

Resolution:Refer back to the Temando Configuration & User Guide to ensure your rules have been set up correctly.

Hint: when you set up a rule test it on the front end.

Cause:The warehouse details are incorrect or invalid. The postcode and / or suburb details may not be validated e.g. the client may have 
over-ridden the Temando validation.

Resolution: Review Warehouse data and ensure address details are validated.

In this case, the customer is overriding the validator when entering suburb or postcode i.e. not allowing the validator to load. You will need to review the suburb / postcode and ensure they match the Temando validation

If you are on the WooCommerce Professional plan and have requested to use BYO carrier rates, you will need to make sure that sandbox is switched off in configuration and that you have entered your correct client ID, login ID, password and payment method. Next, go into your front end and generate a shipping quote. Once you've generated a quote the system will retrieve your custom rates and you should be able to re-enter the configuration page and find your carrier as an option.

Are you in sandbox mode? Is Carbon Offset set to Optional or Yes? If so, carbon offset is not available in the sandbox mode and therefore no quotes will return. Either deselect the Carbon Offset option on the checkout page, or disable it in Settings. 

Select which order statuses you wish to be able to view shipments for i.e. if an order with a selected status has a shipment attached to it, you will be able to view the shipment in Temando shipments. This refers to the WooCommerce order statuses. Example – you would most likely NOT select ‘Failed’, because you do not want to see/accidentally send a shipment for a Failed order. 

Login to your Temando account at www.temando.com > Click the My Details Tab > Scroll down to Payment Details > Click PCI Compliant > Add credit card details > Click Update > Scroll back down to the Payment Details > enter an Auto Credit Topup account (minimum of $200) > Click Update

This is a WooCommerce checkout message from an older version of the plugin. This message reflects that there are no shipping methods available for the current address and shopping. Please check that there are couriers selected in the settings to handle the selected request and that the Temando extension has been enabled. If this issue still persists, a developer might have to look into the possibility of conflicting themes

You must use either Temando credit via an automatic credit top up (which is set up in your Temando.com account via the dashboard. OR, contact your Solution Manager or Customer Support to apply for a trade account. 

Australian Domestic shipments only at this stage. 

Simple products. Not Variable, Virtual, Downloadable, External, or Grouped products

Ensure you have enabled the extension in Settings > Shipping > Temando. Click the Enable Temando radio box