1. Temando pricing & plans

    The Temando Platform is scalable to meet the needs of any sized business and flexible enough to grow as your needs change. Our plans are designed specifically for our out-of-the-box products and are available for download and payment where indicated. Please contact our Solutions Team for access to our Professional and above plans.


    If you are looking for a custom integration or Enterprise Grade Solution - we'll scope a plan that's tailored to your business needs. Call 02 8405 0999 or email sales@temando.com

  2. View our pricing plans below.



    Magento Plans

    To learn more about our Magento Shipping Extension contact one of our expert Solutions Managers







    Starting from $49 per month

    ($53.90 incl GST)


    Starting from $99 per month

    ($108.90 incl GST)





    Features provided All features from Starter
    +features below
    All features from Starter + Professional

    +features below

    All features from all other packages
    +features below
    Customer support (email & phone) Advanced rules engine Packaging optimisation logic PDF or ZPL label printing
    Automated customer tracking emails Create and store standard packaging Multi-location fulfilment (inc pick slips)  Advanced multi-location fulfilment
    Dynamic shipping calculator Basic multi-location order management Process bulk orders Advanced multi-location order management
    Address validation system Basic multi-location fulfilment (pack weight & send) Partial shipments Advanced click and collect extension
    Multi-carrier shipping Warehouse zoning Custom admin panel (order status) Returns extension
    Basic rules engine Basic ship-from-store Click and collect extension  
    PDF label printing (thermal & plain) Bring your own rates* Fees apply Customer comment fields  
    Set default packaging size   Custom shipping views  
        Multiple users  
        Returns extension *Fees apply  
    Want to learn more about our Magento Shipping Extension? Contact one of our expert Solution Managers
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    Our solution managers are experts in shipping and can help point you in the right direction for your business.

    Call them today on 02 8405 0999.

  5. Magento

    WooCommerce Plans



    Starting from $39 per month

    ($42.90 incl GST)


    Starting from $49 per month

    ($53.90 incl GST)
    Features provided All features from Starter

    +features below

    Customer support (email & phone) Bring your own rates *Fees apply
    Automated customer tracking emails
    Address validation system
    Multi-carrier shipping
    Basic rules engine
    Dynamic shipping calculator
    PDF label printing (thermal & plain)
    Set default packaging size
    Want to learn more about our WooCommerce Shipping Extension?
    Contact one of our expert Solution Managers
  6. Have you read our terms and conditions?

    We try to make things easy for you but sometimes you just have to read the fine print!


    Temando bulk order engine

    Bulk order engine plans

    To learn more about the Temando Bulk Order Engine contact one of our expert Solutions Managers



    Starting from $49 per month

    ($54.90 incl GST)


    Starting from $199 per month

    ($218.90 incl GST)


    Starting from $499 per month

    ($548.90 incl GST)
    30-50 labels a day 51-999 labels a day 1000 + labels a day
    Customer support (email only) Customer support (email only) Customer support (email and phone)
    Multi-carrier support Multi-carrier support Multi-carrier support
    Generate PDF labels Generate PDF labels Generate PDF and ZPL labels
      Generate pickslips Generate pickslips
      Temando CBS (major cities only) Temando CBS (major cities only)
    $199 Activation Fee $499 Activation Fee $499 Activation Fee

    BYO carrier rates available (additional fees below)

      80c per label 50c per label
      05c per pickslip 05c per pickslip
      BYO upload/change fees apply BYO upload/change fees apply
  8. Got some questions about our plans?

    Good! We’ve got the answers.

    What currency are your plans in?
    All pricing is in Australian Dollars (AUD) and exclusive of GST. 
    How long are your contracts?

    All plans have a 12 month duration unless otherwise stated.
    Is there a setup fee?

    Set up fees are applicable to custom integrations. Your Solution Manager will quickly determine your requirements and any associated costings. 
    Are there fee’s for BYO rates
    While we partner with a range of carriers you also have the ability to bring your own (BYO) carrier. If we are already integrated with your carrier then an initial upload fee is charged to load your rates and a transaction fee per transaction is applied. If your carrier passes on an increase you will be required to pay a fee for uploading the revised rates. If you require a carrier that we do not have an existing integration with your Solution Manager will provide details on what’s involved.
    Do I need to enter my credit card details to sign up?

    No. You can apply for a Trade Account, complete an Electronic Funds Transfer to add credit to your Profile, or set up an automatic top-up of Temando Credit on your Credit Card. 
    Can I cancel my account at any time?

    Individual accounts
    Our Customer Support team can lock your Temando Account at your request. Refunds of remaining credit will not be made, unless under special circumstance, deemed as such by Temando.  

    Company accounts
    All clients enter into an agreement under the terms of the MSA supplied by your Solution Manager. Agreement duration can be up to 12 months and under a Trade Account, so you would need to contact your Solution Manager and provide 4 weeks written notice for your account to be cancelled.
    Do you offer any discounted plans?
    Plans are tailored to the needs of each client. Once your Solution Manager understands your needs, they will provide estimates as to the most relevant plan for you.
    Can I change my plan later on?

    Plans can be changed as the needs of your business change. Any changes need to be discussed with your Solution Manager who will present you with an amendment to your agreement reflecting the agreed changes. We would then schedule the necessary changes to your software module.

    Is Temando compliant with data privacy and ISO standards?
    Yes. Temando’s privacy policy is certified by Truste and we are compliant with ISO 27001

    Can I use my existing Temando profile?

    Yes. Please ensure all details are still current and that you advise your Solution Manager of any existing profiles.
    Is there a maximum number of labels I can print?

    Some plans do restrict the number of labels you can print. Please ensure you check with your Solution Manager but generally our labels are generated in PDF so you can print as many copies as you wish. There is one label per article in a consignment (booking).
    Do I need any additional integration work scoped?

    A quick consultation with one of our Solution Managers will allow them to articulate your requirements and any integration that may be required. 
    How are upgrades and maintenance rolled out?

    With in-house developers we are always working to improve our software and deliver new and innovative features to remain market leaders. A Solution Manager will keep you updated on any enhancements or upgrades as they become available. 
    Who will install the extension for me?

    This depends on your plan and the platform you use, as well as your digital agency. For example, Temando will install the Magento Professional and Business extensions for you (fees apply). A Solution Manager can provide guidance.
    Is there training available?
    Some plans include training. In addition Temando can provide training as part of our professional services. Talk to a Solution Manager today.
    What country is this applicable for?

    Out-of-the-box solutions are applicable for Australia. If your scope includes additional countries, please discuss with a Solution Manager.
    Do these plans include GST?

    No. All pricing is excluding GST. 
    Do you accept Pay Pal?

    Yes. Individuals and businesses using the Temando Dashboard can pay for single transactions with Pay Pal. Additional payment options including Temando Credit or Trade Accounts are also available.


    Nope, still don’t get it…

    You’re not alone, shipping in eCommerce can get very complicated. To speak with one of our Solution Managers, please call 1300 66 88 58 or contact us.